Immigrant Social Services (ISS) recognizes that the out-of-school time space presents new opportunities for us to reimagine learning and achievement that address the realities of an immigrant population often left out of the mainstream narrative. 

We are guided by our quest of leveraging this space to inspire young minds and hearts. We strive to create and support a culture that enables them to flourish, dream big, be 1% better every day, and reach their full potential. 

In partnership with public schools in Chinatown/Lower East Side, including P.S. 2 Meyer London School; P.S. 42 Benjamin Altman School; P.S. 124 Yung Wing School; PS 126 Manhattan Academy of Technology; and P.S. 130 Hernando Desoto School, ISS is committed to delivering engaging, varied, rigorous content in a youth-centered and interest-driven learning environment. Each day, children and youth in our afterschool programs engage in activities ranging from robotics to storytelling to gardening, often with ISS alumni who return as afterschool programs staff as a way to pay it forward to our community.

We have also provided multiple generations of youth in our community with their first job. Many have since gone on to leadership positions in the community and in various professions. They often recall their time at ISS fondly, one that opened the doors to new possibilities. 

Our Afterschool Programs
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Designed within a framework centering the needs of immigrant students and their families, ISS Afterschool Programs for Pre-K to 5th Grade is committed to delivering rigorous and varied content and creating a youth-centered, interest-driven learning environment that allow students to gain mastery by pursuing their interests while connecting out-of-school learning with in-school success. In addition to academic support and achievement, we also prioritize the development of social and emotional competencies and physical well-being.

The overall goals and priorities of the afterschool program are:

  • To provide students with a safe, structured supervised environment after school;
  • To engage students in activities that will improve their skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration & creativity;
  • To give students the opportunity to apply their in-school learning within a real-world context;
  • To increase student awareness of a wide range of career and educational possibilities;
  • To instill students with an awareness of their community and empower them to become agents of change.

The program curriculum integrates the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the arts, literacy, social studies, leadership development, and health & fitness through project-based learning units that incorporate hands-on and co-operative learning.

2019 – 2020 Afterschool Year:

Dates: September 9th, 2019 – June 25th, 2020

Hours: 2:30 PM – 5:45 PM





Contact Information:

If you have questions or concerns, please email or call (212) 571-1840 ext. 105.

ISS Main Office is currently under renovation. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

For more information:

Program Fees

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P.S. 130 


ISS Afterschool Programs are made possible by continued support from:



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