Immigrant Social Services welcomes volunteers who would like to offer different skills in support of organization’s work in Chinatown and Lower East Side. We often need volunteers with skills in the following areas:

  • Chinese Language translation and interpretation in Simplified/Traditional and all dialects
  • Graphic Design: Assistance with creating digital and printed collateral using photoshop and/or Canva
  • Social Media Engagement Strategy: Help us amplify our programs and resources through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Website: frontend design, content management, and backend support on WordPress
  • Communications: Assistance with managing our Wechat and email lists

We are also looking for volunteers available Monday-Friday any time between 2:30-8:30pm to support the academic growth of grades K-8 public school students in Chinatown and Lower East Side (currently P.S.2 and P.S.126). All of our youth volunteer opportunities are currently remote on Zoom while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing.

Please fill out this form to sign up to volunteer or any of the following opportunities:

  • Literacy buddies (weekly commitment for at least a semester): meet with a student on a weekly basis to support their English literacy skills. You can help them develop their reading comprehension or help an English Language Learners practice English outside their day school experience, as they might not have household members to speak English with.
  • Goal buddies (weekly commitment from late fall until early spring): check in with 5th and middle school students and their guardians to help them identify and achieve goals as they prepare to apply to a new school. The middle school and high school application process is an important and consequential step on their path to their future academic and career success.
  • Girls who code club facilitator (weekly commitment for the fall and spring school semester): work with female-identified students in 3rd to 8th grade on a weekly basis to help them learn coding skills and build community while working on a computer science project (no prior computer science knowledge needed)
  • Special Guest Show and Tell (can be one time or more): if you are excited to share about your personal journey, career, cool side hustles, or work/projects that you are doing with colleagues and collaborators, we invite you to join our after school program on zoom to share with our students and to help inspired their future pathways.

If you have any questions about volunteering or the form, please email